September, 2021

Online Admission Management System in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQLi Source Code

Online Admission Management System is the web-based application that is made by PHP and MYSQL. In this system, the User/students login by sign up and the user/student get their user Id and password by the system. After log in the user/student can see the dashboard with the admission form. To get the admission the user/student should fill up the form like academic qualification, Parents name,mobile number ,addresses ,nationality , percentage gain ,Mode of payment etc. Then the users should attached the file like photo,certificate, Identify proof, sign etc. This system will make the users flexible and reliable for admission processes. Admin has their own admin login page by clicking in admin login the admin can enter then the admin needs admin Id and the password to enter in to the admin area.Their the admin numbers of application request that the users/students has sent to them.

“Online Admission System” is aim at developing an online admission application for a college. This system is an online system that can be access throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. Students logging is to apply for the course by filling an application form provided by online. College principal/administrator logging in may also access/search information put up by the students. As the strength of the students is increasing at a tremendous speed, manual maintenance of student admission is very difficult. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable. In the of the al system they need a lot of time, manpower, etc.

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omkar shinde

09 August, 2021

not downloading

Frankline Libondo

02 June, 2021

Nice System.

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